# Reviews

  • Digital Fine Art Printing by Robert Rodriguez Jr. is an eBook for photographers who are interested in print-making. Robert was kind enough to provide a review copy, and this blog post shares my impressions of his work (spoiler alert - it's a very good resource for any photographer who wants to break into the exciting world of digital printmaking).

  • A review of Sandy Hill's incredible curation effort, this high-quality tome contains an absolutely stunning collection of mountain photography.

  • A review of a night photography manual by Alister Benn: Seeing the Unseen.

  • A review of the eBook An Honest Silence: A Celebration of Wilderness; wonderful photography, prose and poetry asking one thing of readers: Find your connection to wilderness. Read my review of this eBook, a collaboration between friends and photographers Greg Russell, P.J. Johnson, and the poet Ann Wittaker.

  • Tilt-shift lenses, like the Canon 24mm TSE II that I use for a lot of my photography, and amazing tools that deliver extremely high image quality when used well. They're not exactly intuitive, though, when it comes to workflow. When I first dipped my toes into tilt-shift photography, I started with Oopoomoo's Tilt-Shift Lens Advantage eBook, which this post reviews.

  • Guy Tal is a fantastic photographer and thinker about landscape photography. He's also a great teacher, as his eBook Creative B&W Processing Techniques demonstrates. Read this review to learn more about the eBook and whether it's a good resource for your objectives and level of knowledge.